X005 Custom Cross LowerBottomUnder Lash Extensions Factory China

Thin and cute Bottom|Lower|Under Eyelashes is to enlarge your eyes, If you wear upper eyelashes and lower lashes together which will make your eyes more outstanding.

Style NO.X005

Mink Eyelash Show Wholesale details
  • Material:Real mink fur
  • Lash Band:Cotton, flexible. soft
  • Craft:Handmade
  • Grades: Luxury
  • Service: Private Label ,Custom
  • MOQ:100pcs

Packaging:Customized or Packaging available


Model Show Specification
  • Length: 8mm
  • Shape: Cute Cross
  • Volume: Short and thin
  • Durability: Up to 25 times
  • Effect: Enlarge your eyes
  • F.A.E: Cruelty Free