What Is The Best Selling Eyelash Set For Mother’s Day|Wedding Season?

Best Selling False Eyelashes For The Coming Wedding Day & Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day and wedding season is coming!

Many people are eager to make themselves more shiny and different in wedding day. They want to show love for their mother on Mother’s Day. Finding high-quality wholesale lashes is a very good choice!

From our eyelash factory , we found that Some individual mink lashes styles are ordered more and more from the world.

Here we show you wholesale fake lashes. Never miss to choose your best false eyelashes!

Natural Lite Vegan faux Mink Lashes Manufacturer

100% Vegan false mink lashes, use Eco-friendly band. Inherit the durable and smart design of the Real mink eyelashes series. Let you experience perfect mink eyelashes while maintaining vegan!

Top Selling Vegan Faux Mink Lashes Producer

DW01 DW06 DW14
DW01 DW06 DW14

Best Selling Affordable Volume 3D Silk Eyelashes Wholesale

3DS01 3DS010 3DS056
3DS001 3DS010 3DS056


Private Label High Grade Velvet Flannel Lash packaging Diy Wholesale

Custom eyelash packaging boxes for all eyelash cases. Print your Logo and custom your favourite design now!

Eyelash Storage Case Gift Set

4 Pairs Custom Eyelash Cases

2 Pairs Eyelash Honeycomb Eyelash Boxes


Eyelash Book Packaging Boxes for Eyelashes

Clear Eyelash Display Packaging Cases

2 Pairs Eyelash Case with Tweezers

EP04 EP01 Pink eyelash book-1

The Above real mink lashes styles and faux mink lashes packaging are becoming more and more popular. Never miss to choose them.

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