What Is The Best False eyelashes To Buy?

Many customers don’t know what is the best eyelashes and what is the poor quality eyelashes ? Today I will recommend you what is the best eyelashes?

1:  look at the Curlve feeling of the hair. A good curlve feeling of eyelashes look elegant, fluffy, and natural, rather than burning and chaotic. Do you know the


2: Check the eyelash band, The Lash band of good eyelashes is soft, easy to wear, even after a long time wearing, it is still soft and comfortable.

On the contrary, the lash band of the bad eyelashes feel hard, which makes it uncomfortable to wear.

3: Best eyelashes do not shed hair. If they are properly protected, they can be used more than 50 times,

and the eyelash band  is not easy to brocken.

Bad eyelashes are broken after using the eyeliner a few times and tend to fall off.

4: High Quality eyelashes are waterproof and will not deform after being soaked in water and blow-dried.

5: Good eyelashes can show a variety of shapes, and you can change the curling feeling of the eyelashes according to your preferences. With this technology, only our 3D eyelashes from Midland can achieve this effect.From 3d to 6d effect.