What Is The Best Eyelash Glue?

Best Eyelash Glue Wholesale 

1:The Best Eyelash Glue  is quick-drying,It will save you much time.


2:The best lash glue is sticky, and has a strong duration. eapecially  the glue used for eyelashes,


When we wearing eyelashes, Only the eyelash band are sticked to the skin,

We know that the eyelash band  is very thin to make us comfortable so the contact area with the skin is small, Besides that Our eyes always keep blinking,

Which asked our eyelashe glue must be very sticky to avoid the eyelashes fall off.


3: What is more Our skin constantly secretes oil. The best Eyelash glue must resist the oil on the skin and keep it sticky for a long time, so that the eyelashes can be firmly attached to the skin to avoid the eyelashes will not fall off and make us embarrassed.


4:Good eyelash glue is friendly to the skin, non-irritating, non-allergic, so that we can always feel happy and comfortable, more confident, and free to show ourselves!


5:The best eyelash  glue forms a knot after quick-drying and is easy to remove after times using of eyelashes.


On the contrary, bad glue has a pungent odor and slags after quick-drying.



Miland Eyelashes Factory is well aware of the importance of Best eyelash glue. The eyelash glue we choose is strictly tested and meets the above standards.Pls be rest assured that you can choose it for your consumers.

If you want to do your own brand private label eyelash glue , contact us freely.


Jessie Sun Team.