N059 Vibrant and volume Lite Mink Lashes Customization Factory Original Design



Special Feature Eyelash Photo Wholesale details
  • Style No.: N059
  • Custom Wholesale Natural Looking mink lashes
  • Lite Mink Lashes , Ulta-natural looking, Mainly feature a gradient of increasing length and thickness across the lash band
  • Result in Elegant, Graceful effect.



  • Material:  100% luxury mink fur
  • Lash Band: Cotton, flexible. soft
  • Craft:   Handmade
  • Grades:   Natural
  • Uses:  Up to 25 times
  • Service:   Private Label ,Custom
  • MOQ:  100pcs
  • Packaging:  Customized packaging or Packaging available

13-14mm Mink lashes are more suitable for flat eyes or people with traditional mind.

Middle East People ,Daily using.


Mink Lashes Appearance Model Show Specification
Dramatically curled with delicate, wispy lashes, our exclusive multi-layering technique creates the appearance of more voluminous eyelashes adding a gentle fur-like softness
  • Style NO.: N059
  • Length: 14MM
  • Shape: Flare
  • Type: Fluffy all around with Natural Volume
  • Effect: Natural
  • F.A.E: Cruelty Free Vegan