How To Remove The Glue Left On The Eye Skin?


Hey Guys , Nice to meet you , I am Jessie From Qingdao Milanda Eyelashes Factory, I am not only the eyelash owner of eyelashes factory, but also an eyelash lover,

After wearing eyelashes for a long time, I found that when I remove the eyelashes every night, some eyelash glue will be left on the skin of the eyes.

Here is a little trick to remove the lash glue.

Use ordinary cleansing milk or makeup remover to gently rub around the eye area,

I found that the makeup remover from Sephora is very useful. the cost is low,

When you put the makeup remover on the swab, and then rub the skin ,

the Eyelash glue will slowly dissolve, wipe it with a makeup remover, and the Eyelash glue can be wiped off with the eye shadow. It’s very simple, you can also try Try it.