How To Cooperate With Your Eyelashes Manufacturers? Tutorials For Beginners

The market is the vane of eyelash business

  • When you find the reliable eyelash manufacturer, The eyelash business is about to start.
  • First, choose some popular styles from the catalog.
  • I suggest not to choose products according to your preferences, but to choose products according to consumer preferences.
  • You must remember that you are doing eyelash wholesale business, instead of buying eyelashes for yourself,
  • If you buy eyelashes for your own wearing, It is necessary to choose what you like,
  • While if you do eyelashes wholesale business, you must choose what the market likes.
  •  In the Internet age, we must break through our own inherent cognition, everyone likes to show individuality.

Communicate and good at sharing Ideas with the most professional eyelashes factory to improve working efficiency.

  • If you start eyelash business, you are in urgent needing lots of useful information , so It is important to choose a very professional eyelash supplier.
  • Good advice not only help you improve working efficiency but also save much cost.
  • For example: A very famouscustomer in usa who cooperate with us for long time, when we told her the 3D mink lashes and told her the prospect of the new created lashes,  she don’t hesitate to starting it and become the founder of famous brand lashes.
  • During cooperation, when we found his design of lash packaging is too dark to make the eyelashes outstanding we suggest her to make the colour of the bottom card of lash boxes lighter,  which help her save much cost!·
  • ·We will give advice based on our experience.if you accept it or not, it is your decision.
  • Good suggestions can help you save much time and cost.

Start To Design Your Own Eyelash Packaging

  • If you already have your own ideas, logos, box shapes, etc., you can send us the AI format, and we will do it directly.
  • If not, you can tell us what you like, we also have a lot of LOGO IDEA, PACKAGING IDEA. You can refer to the design and color matching.
  • One thing i want to remind you .
  • Eyelash packaging will take time to perfect.different times, People’s preference are different,
  • Dont take long time to beentangled in packaging and spend a long time designing the packaging.
  • If you spend too much time designing, As a result, the market is lost.
  • Now the market is very fast. The most important thing is the product rather than the packaging
  • . If you spend too long on the packaging, Delays in making decisions often lose opportunities in the eyelash market.
  • Everything is gradually perfected. As long as your packaging highlights your logo at the beginning, that is ok .
  •  you can quickly decide to seize the market.,With the feedback from the market, you will gradually have a better idea and understanding of packaging. Go to perfection slowly.
  • At the beginning, let the market know your logo , that is ok .
  • Everything will take time to closest to be perfect.


This is my suggestion and hope to help you.


From Jessie Sun Team