How To Clean|Remove|Peel Off The Lash Glue On The Band?Tutorials


I am not only owner of Qingdao Milanda Eyelashes factory, but also an eyelash lover, So in the process of wearing eyelashes, I have a lot of experience and effective ways to clean eyelash band, I hereby share them and hope to help you

After the lash band has been used for a long time, a lot of eyelash glue will stay on the lash band, which not only affects the comfort of the eyelashes, but also affects the viscosity of the eyelash glue.

How to remove the glue on the eyelashes and eyelashes? Many people use tweezers, eyelash brushes, and small eyelash washing machines.

I have tried these, but they didn’t work. The eyelash band from Milanda eyelashes factory  are very strong, and the eyelash glue is carefully selected and dedicated to customers after testing. The quality is very good!

If you buy the eyelashes  in bulk or purchase eyelash glue wholesale  from Milanda Eyelashes Manufacturer, you only need to peel off the eyelash glue  directly with your hands.

After the eyelash glue purchased by Milanda Eyelashes facotry dries, it will form knots instead of residues. It is very easy to remove.
The eyeliner stem of Midland’s eyelashes is very strong and will not be destroyed by tearing off excess glue!

The perfect combination! !