How to Choose The Eyelash packaging ?

The eyelash box is a kind of necessary package to protect your eyelashes and promote your brand. So, how about choosing an eyelash box to start your own business? Let’s talk about the basic common sense of the eyelash case. To understand it, it may be helpful to design and choose your own eyelash case.

What is eyelash box?

Eyelash box is a box used to hold eyelashes and protect your eyelashes.

What kinds of eyelash boxes can be sorted into?

Eyelash boxes are classified according to their materials:

paper eyelash boxes,cardboard  paper eyelash boxes, and acrylic eyelash boxes.

Cardboard  paper eyelash boxes can be sorted into art paper eyelash boxes, and printable paper eyelash boxes.

According to the shape of the eyelash box,

Eyelash Packaging box can be sorted into rectangular eyelash box, square eyelash box, circle eyelash box vendor,eyelash box with window, special-shaped window eyelash box, drawer pull eyelash boxes , cell-phone Eyelash Boxes, coffin eyelash boxes for hallowin, door box, Gift set eyelash box, Eyelash Book for makeup artist and etc.

What are the Special Feature of the eyelash Packaging box?

Advantages of acrylic eyelash case: sturdy, waterproof, not fragile, can better protect eyelashes,
Disadvantages: When making your own logo, the acrylic eyelash case needs a mold. If the amount required is small, the cost of opening the acrylic eyelash case is high.
But in order to meet the needs of consumers, we have prepared some best-selling acrylic eyelash box styles.


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Advantages of the paper lash packaging box:

The price is relatively cheap, and you can add crafts as you like, such as bronzing, film coating, UV, etc.
Disadvantages: it does not look very high-end, fragile, suitable for disposable eyelashes

Art Paper Cardboard Paper Eyelash Case: There are many kinds of art paper, such as Glitter eyelash paper case , snakeskin paper eyelash boxes , tin foil paper, embossed paper, etc. This kind of eyelash case looks relatively high-end,

Disadvantages: You can’t print the patterns you want at will, you can only print your own logo according to the existing color selection.

Printable cardboard paper: This is currently the most popular, that is, it looks high-end,  you can also print your own logo as you like.

The MOQ is not high and the price is moderate.that is why printable cardboard eyelash case are popular now.

How To Make Private Label of eyelash packaging?How To Design Your Own Logo ?

We think the logo should be simple and easy to recognize,

such as chanel, LV, Dior, ysl, etc.

We may not  know how to design a logo, so we first refer to the famous brand LOGO.

Of course, we may not understand about  The famous brand logos , But absolutely their logo are designed  by the best  solution optimized through market feedback.

Our suggestion , You can also make your own cartoon image as Eyelash Packaging logo, especially without repetition, which is very popular in recent years.

In terms of patterns, you can choose some popular patterns as the background. Cater to people’s favorite psychology.

Of course, we believe that the eyelash packaging is optimized and improved based on people’s aesthetics and psychology, and constantly based on market feedback.