Eyelash Valuable Sample Pack Orders

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Qingdao Milanda Eyelashes Factoy is the most professional eyelashes manufacturer, Eyelash Vendors.We are the first inventor of 3D Vegan Mink Lashes. 

Our factory are specializing in 3D Vegan mink lashes, 3D Faux mink lashes, 3D silk eyelashes, Natual mink lashes and ect.

If you are looking for a reliable lash vendors, Believe Qingdao Milanda Eyelashes factory are the best choice!

Many many customers want to order samples to test the quality and the styles first before they start eyelash line, it is absolutely understanding.

In order to save their time, we mixed some valuable top selling eyelash styles including material, different volume, different lengths and ect. kindly pls choose your favourites.

Today I recommend an eyelash sample board , Eyelash sample book,that are very popular in the United States.

On the left, from 3D22C to DM36, they are 3D mink eyelashes, fluffy, soft, slender and soft eyeliner, breathable and comfortable, Total 8pairs

These eyelashes look elegant and natural, and they sell for 20-30 US dollars abroad.

On the right is the faux mink eyelashes, which look smooth and are specially supplied for large-scale cosmetic supermarket chains.

These models have successfully opened the market for many customers and represent a kind of open,

Wholesale Valuable Eyelash Set|Best Lashes Vendors

USD60.00 Free Shipping

Each Style 2pairs ,total 8pairs, One eyelash glue. one eyelash tweezers.

Today, We will introduce you a valuable best selling set of lashes for everyday use.

A006  is a classic design mink lashes looks natural. This was the very hot style when mink lashes  first started.

At that time, the supply was in short , and only a few workers could make it perfect.

Many lashes wholesaters in the world added money to order this style. It looks cute and not monotonous.

Now lilly lashes still sell this style “Godness”

3D50 medium volume , fluffy, velvet, velour mink lashes from best 3d mink lashes manufacturer.

A206L, the best natural sephora mink lashes, Cheap Affordable Mink lashes bulk ,

A022 Cluster mink lashes. not so dramatic , but enlarge your eyes clearly.

Wholesale Hot Selling Eyelash Sample Set|Lashes Manufacturer

USD65.00 Free Shipping To Your Door

Each Style Two Pairs,Total 8pairs,

One Eyelash Glue.

DM40 big Clusters&Small Clusters, Double Layer, Thick Volume, Full Body Looking.

A206 Natural Flat Not so dramatic as 3D . Daily Using.

3D18 Big Cross , 18mm.

A014 Natural Thin volume Mink Lashes, Super welcomed.