DM32 Wedding 3D Lashes luxury Mink Individual Lashes bulk Manufacturer


Mink Lashes Design Philosophy Eyelash Photo Wholesale details
  • DM32 magic
  • Diy your own mink lashes style Wholesale.
  • The ethereal feeling, the eyelashes from the thick root to the tail are getting thinner and thinner,
  • like sound, higher and higher,
  • like musical notes, softer and softer, opening your eyes in the blink of an eye,
  • showing your confidence and magic, the more you feel magic.
  • Material:  100% luxury mink fur
  • Lash Band: Cotton, flexible. soft
  • Craft:   Handmade
  • Grades:   Luxury
  • Uses:  Up to 25 times
  • Service:   Private Label ,Custom
  • MOQ:  100pcs
  • Packaging:  Customized packaging or Packaging available


Wholesale 20mm Mink Individual Lashes bulk USA


Mink Lashes Appearance Model Show Specification
  • Cross Cluster stick on the flexible band layer by layer,more and more think from bottom to the upside,It looks velvet
Style NO.: DM32

Length: 20mm

Shape: Round

Volume: Maximum

Effect: Velvet

F.A.E: Cruelty Free