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Mink Lashes Design Philosophy Eyelash Photo Wholesale details
DM12 luminous

The luminous design is inspired by the luminous light.

The light beam at night is mysterious and soft.

Handcrafted using the finest sourced mink hairs each strand is individually selected .

Our skilled workers ensure that every pair made preserves the original softness, durability and quality of the mink fur.

DM12 Material:  100% luxury mink fur

Lash Band: Cotton, flexible. soft

Craft:   Handmade

Grades:   Luxury

Uses:  Up to 25 times

Service:   Private Label ,Custom

MOQ:  100pcs

Packaging:  Customized packaging or Packaging available

Delivery Due:  2-3days after order confirmed.

Shipping Term:   DHL,UPS, Fedex, By air or By Sea

Payment: TT/Paypal/West Union

Create your own 20mm 3d mink lashes wholesaler Chinese

Mink Lashes Effect Model Show Specification
The thin cross and the small space at the root make the whole eyelashes look fluffy, natural and mysterious. Style NO.: DM12

Length: 20mm

Shape: Round

Type: Clusters, Fluffy all around with Maximum Volume

Effect: Fluttery

F.A.E: Cruelty Free

Custom Wholesale Mink Lashes and packaging China Supplier

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