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Special Feature Eyelash Photo Wholesale Details
  • Style No.DFS06
  • Custom Wholesale Natural Looking Faux Mink lashes, Silk Eyelashes
  • Luxe 3D Magnets Luxury Premium Synthetic Lashes are uniquely designed vegan alternative that reveals the soft and fluttery texture of mink lashes.



12 magnets, Summer Lashes

  • Material:  Silk
  • Lash Band: Cotton with Magnets
  • Craft:   Handmade
  • Grades:  Fluffy
  • Uses:  Up to 50 times
  • Service:  Private Label ,Custom
  • MOQ: 1000pcs
  • Packaging: Customized packaging or Packaging available

Magnetics Eyelashes Must Be Used With Magnetic Eyeliner

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