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What are magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes is a kind of eyelash with  very small, very thin magnets on the lash band,

which increase the adhesion between the lash band and the skin of eyelid,  and prevent the eyelashes from separating from the eyelid.

Why produce magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes is more easier to pull down from the lash tray.

1: When removing traditional eyelashes from the eyelash holder,   we will have to use the eyelash tweezers to grasp the roots of the eyelashes and gently remove them.

VS: The magnetic eyelashes can be taken off directly by hand. The magnetic eyelashes have magnets on the eyeliner and a magnetic strip on the lash tray, which directly attracts the eyelashes.You can take off from the lash tray directly.

Magnetic eyelashes instantly  apply eyelashes.


Trational eyelashes with eyelash glue, When you apply eyelash glue on the band, you will have to wait for about one minute after the eyelash glue semi-dry, then put on the eyelid then push for about 2-3 seconds to increase the stick.

If you have some urgent thing to do, Sorry , You will have to wait till the glue dry, Otherwise, The eyelashes can not be sticked on the eyelid.

VS:Magnetic eyelashes must be used with eyelash magentic liquid eyeliner, draw a magnetic eyeliner directly on the eye, and the magnet eyelashes can be attached instantly.Loyalty stick upon apply. only 2-3seconds to finish everything!!!

Magnetic Eyelashes Can prevent the eyelashes seperating from the eyelid:

The traditional glue eyelashes are relatively firm at first, but as the skin penetrates oily, the corners of the eyelashes are easy to loosen.This will greatly affect your experience, and seriously affect the appearance. You have to take the glue in your bag,and then go to the bathroom, and apply glue to the corners to prevent further peeling.

VS: Magnetic eyeliner is not only magnetic, but also sticky. The eyelashes stick to the eyelid skin. In addition to the stickiness of glue, there is also the magnetism of magnets, which makes the eyeliner adhere to the skin more firmly and not easy to separate.  You can enjoy it freely, as if the eyelashes growing on your skin!!!

Magnetic eyelashes can be used up to 50 times if you protect it well.

Traditonal eyelashes with cotton band can be used for about 25-30 times.

Vs:  It is absolutely Durable, magnetic eyelashes make the eyelash liner firmer.Magnetic eyelashes can be used up to 50 times after testing.

What is the advanages of Milanda Magnetic eyelashes?

1:Magnetic eyelashes need to be used in  with a special magnetic eyeliner.

Magnetic eyeliner contains both magnet and glue to ensure the double stickiness of the eyelash band and eyelids.

The black magnetic eyeliner can be used as eyeliner, which is simply too easy to use. Up! This will be another eyelash innovation!

Vs:Other Market Magnetic eyelashes use the two pairs of eyelashes, there are double layer magnetic on the lash band, Then use our own eyelashes to bear the weight of the two pair of eyelashes, It is easy to fall off and badly effect our own eyelashes, Never use this kind of magnetic eyelashes!

2:Milanda eyelash band  use the thinnest, filmy and lightest magnet sheet to ensure the softness of the eyelashes band. After testing, our magnet eyelashes have almost no weight and maintain the soft eyeliner, which is very, very comfortable!

VS:Other market magnetic eyelashes use the normal eyelash magnets, they increase the weight of eyelashes and make the lash band hard. not comfortable.

3:Milanda eyelash band  use 12 magnet pieces to ensure the suction power of the eyelash band and the magnetic eyeliner. It is natural and realistic, light and comfortable, and it is so easy to use! !

Vs:Others use the 6-8 magnetic on the lash band, the attraction is not powerfully.

Milanda Magnetic Eyelashes Must be used together with the magnetic eyeliner. The magnetism of the magnet and the stickness of the glue are perfectly combined to resist the weakening of the glue stickness caused by the oiliness of the skin.


At the beginning, let the stickness of the glue work, and with the appearance of skin oil, let the magnet attraction work, effectively preventing the eyelashes from falling off.


This is the reason why Midland magnet eyelashes can be accepted by the market. Any product must start from the consumer itself and completely solve consumer problems before it can be accepted by the market,


4:We now have eight velvet eyelashes, one color eyelashes, on sale in stock, don’t wait! Help customers to test and seize market opportunities.

5:Strong customization ability, we support all styles and types of eyelashes into magnet eyelashes!

This time is a comprehensive upgrade of technology. It is not an innovation in the style of eyelashes, but an innovation in the speed of wearing the eyelashes and the comfort of wearing the eyelashes!


The problems you are concerned about and the difficulty you encoutered during wearing eyelashes, We are all considered about and try to solve it for you !

Other Cotton Band Eyelashes will be out of styles, Never miss the market opportunities!


How do you get magnetic eyelashes to stay on?

It is very easy to wear magnetic eyelashes !

1: Use the magnetic eyelier to draw an eyelash lintime er on your eyelid.

2:Then Put the magnetic eyelashes on directly. no need to wait for after the glue semi-drying.

Are magnetic lashes easy to apply?

Yes, Instant Stick Eyelashes.


How Much for the magnetic eyelashes?