3D90 Custom Wide And Cute Cluster 3d Mink Lashes Wholesale Private Label Manufacturer China


Mink Lashes Design Ideas Eyelash Photo Wholesale Details
Style No.:3D90

  • Custom Wholesale mink lashes,faux mink lashes with different lengths and volume.
  • Using the finest sourced mink hairs individually selected
  • Preserve the origin of softness, durability,inspiration of mink hair.
  • Material:Real mink fur
  • Lash Band:Cotton, flexible. soft
  • Craft:Handmade
  • Grades:Luxury
  • Service:Private Label ,Custom
  • MOQ:100pcs
  • Packaging:Customized or Packaging available
Special Feature Model Show Specification
  • Style NO.: 3D90
  • Wide cross with layer by layer mink hairs gradually spread out .
  • Make your eyelash Three dimensional
  • Style NO.: 3D90
  • Length: 15MM
  • Shape:Round
  • Volume: Medium
  • Effect:Fluttery
  • F.A.E:Cruelty Free